From the legends of the Frenchman, D'Artaguette, to the grandeur of Lochinvar, Pontotc County is rich in history. Pontotoc was founded by General Thomas MacMackin. Although the term general was used only as a compliment, General McMackin was a successful land speculator and hotel keeper. He purchased the land where Pontotoc County was organized from the Chickasaw Indians for $1,000.00 on February 9, 1836. Within a month he had divided the land into lots and had turned his investment into $80,000.
     The first courthouse was built in 1810. Pontotoc became a town on May 4, 1836, when the streets, Click image for larger picture.public square, and other property were conveyed to the Board of Police.  The first courthouse was built in 1840. During this time in the South, cotton was king.  Large farms and plantation homes dotted the landscape.  Four skirmishes were fought in Pontotoc County during the War Between the States, and many lives as well as fortunes were lost.
     Lee and Union counties were formed from the land area that was Pontotoc before the Civil War. Many changes occured after the war, which devalued personal property and reduced the population. However, by 1888, the railroad came throuh Pontotoc and the future became bright.  Unfortunately, in 1900 the original courthouse was destroyed by fire.  However, the spirit of Pontotc was not daunted.  The famous Sawilmon Hotel, Governor Bilbo's summer capitol, was constructed in 1911, and the current courthouse was dedicated in 1917. 
     Pontotoc County experienced growth and change during the twentieth century.  From the entrance of electricity in 1935 to the dedication of the library in 1976, the county continued to prosper.  The "Land of the Hanging Grapes" remains rich with its natural resources and faces the future with a proud past. ( Click image or here for larger picture.)

1713 Bienville sent two of his French armies with the mission to exterminate the Chickasaw Indians. D'Artaguette, one of the generals was captured and burned at the stake.
1799 1st mention of "Pontotoc" officially when 17 year old son of the missionary, Joseph Bullen applied to open a school.
1821 Thomas C. Stuart began the Monroe Mission in order to convert the Chickasaw nation to Christianity.
1832  The Treaty of Pontotoc Creek was signed.
1836 The County was officially organized.
1837 Colonel William M. Leland and Charles A. Bradford established the county's first newspaper, "The Chickasaw Union."
1839 Pontotoc had 50 percent of the State's representation in National Congress 
1840 The first courthouse was built.
1886 The Ripley Railroad was extended from Ripley, MS to Ecru, MS. 
1888 The Ripley Railroad was furthered to Pontotoc.
1917 The new courthouse was dedicated.
1918 Chickasaw College became co-educational.
1924 Main Street was paved.
1935 TVA brought electricity to the county.
1966 Airport completed.
1975 Old Natchez State Park opened.
1976 New Library Dedicated on Main Street
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